Barrel Aged Imperial Stout: Drift

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A special beer for a special time of year! One of our trio of barrel aged releases, this is a 10.4% imperial stout that has been aged in a Pinot noir red wine barrel for 12 months. The intense, chocolates notes of the the stout are enhanced by the red fruit of this cask.

Presented in a limited edition printed keepsake bottle with a Riso print wrap, this is a fully plastic free product and a perfect gift option (also available in a 3-bottle gift pack with our other barrel aged releases) - or a present to yourself. You have been good this year, haven’t you?!

Adventures in fermentation:

Sometimes, you just need to slow down. When you allow an idea to sit, it will grow and develop. Same for beer. Here we have created something that takes time. Beer allowed to rest and develop in barrels. Wood as an ingredient. Barrels with history and previous inhabitants bring rich and exciting flavours. But only if you wait. This is a project that can’t be rushed, with results that can’t always be predicted. These are single barrel beers - no blending, no mixing.