Barrel Aged Gift set trio

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Is this the ultimate gift set? We don’t like to brag, but we think it might be. It’s certainly pretty special. This is a trio of barrel aged beers; three distinctive beers that have lain quietly in the brewery until now, when it’s their time to shine. Each beer is packaged in a keepsake bottle; each has a unique wrap. Is it like a Belgian beer, with secrets underneath, or like good old fashioned fish ‘n’ chips, wrapped in newspaper? You be the judge. Either way; judge it by the cover or judge it by the contents - it’s pretty amazing either way.

Don’t just give this to your friends. Get one yourself. We promise you won’t regret it. These beers won’t be made again.

NOTE: We are now sold out of Drift. Please specify in the notes section which you would like a 2nd bottle of.

And the gift pack represents a saving of £4 on buying individually!


Adventures in fermentation:

Sometimes, you just need to slow down. When you allow an idea to sit, it will grow and develop. Same for beer. Here we have created something that takes time. Beer allowed to rest and develop in barrels. Wood as an ingredient. Barrels with history and previous inhabitants bring rich and exciting flavours. But only if you wait. This is a project that can’t be rushed, with results that can’t always be predicted. These are single barrel beers - no blending, no mixing.